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How To Combat Your Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a common issue that many patients deal with outside of the dentist’s office. Few patients know that this is a dental concern and one that you should bring up to your dentist at your regular dentist’s appointment. Dr. Butler of Strongsville, OH, has some tips to help you combat your jaw pain. Here are our best solutions for jaw pain relief:

Prevent Unconcious Teeth Grinding

If you have been grinding your teeth, odds are, this is what is causing your jaw pain. A lot of patients are unsure if they’ve been grinding their teeth because most do so in their sleep. If you wake up with a sore jaw, or if you experience headaches or earaches in the morning, this is a sign that your jaw pain stems from teeth grinding. Additionally, if you experience unexplained dental damage like worn-down teeth, this is another sign of unconscious teeth grinding. Finally, if you are someone who tends to clench your teeth when you are stressed, there’s a good chance that you also do this while you sleep. To prevent unconscious teeth grinding, ask Dr. Butler about a customized nightguard to wear while you sleep. A customized night guard will protect your teeth and hold your jaw in a comfortable resting position while you sleep.

Audit Your Smile

Are you missing teeth? If so, how many? Are your teeth crooked? If so, how does this affect your bite pattern? These are all questions you should be asking when you consider what might be causing your jaw pain. When our bite pattern is thrown off, this directly affects how much extra strain our mouth muscles are under to perform daily functions like chewing or speaking. If you are missing teeth or have crooked teeth, this applies unnecessary pressure to your surrounding teeth, gums, and jawbone. Any additional pressure eventually will develop into jaw pain and facial soreness over time. Dr. Butler offers restorative dentistry solutions like dental bridges, dental implants, dentures, and partials to help restore your smile if you are missing teeth. Additionally, Invisalign is a great solution to treating mild to moderate orthodontic issues discreetly. Taking a concise audit of your smile and determining if there are any issues with your bite pattern will help you get a good idea of what could be causing your jaw pain and how to stop it.

Consider TMJ Treatment

Jaw pain, headaches, ear pain and difficulty chewing comfortably are all common signs of a possible temporomandibular disorder, which should be treated through TMJ Treatment. TMJ treatment is a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating your jaw pain. If you experience jaw pain, jaw soreness, headaches, earaches, or tooth damage, ask Dr. Butler for a TMJ treatment plan. Together, you will both develop a plan to relieve you of these symptoms. Dr. Butler will evaluate the fit and function of your bite to look for signs of instability that could be an underlying cause of your discomfort. Treating the root problem of a temporomandibular disorder is the key to lasting results and long term stability in your smile.

If you deal with jaw pain, this is one of the many dental concerns that Dr. Leah Butler can help you with. As your trusted dentist in Strongsville, OH, you can count on Dr. Butler to treat your jaw pain with compassionate and personalized care. Even if you’re unsure about the cause of your jaw pain, please schedule an appointment online today so Dr. Butler can evaluate your smile for you and help you find the source and treatment solution for your jaw pain.