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Dental Concerns Strongsville, OH

Dental concerns can range from minor tooth decay to major tooth damage and missing teeth. Dr. Leah Butler offers comprehensive dental care in Strongsville, OH for diagnosing and treating your dental problems so that you can get back to smiling with confidence.

Dr. Butler takes a personalized approach to your care for the best possible outcome, taking the time to fully evaluate and discuss your needs and goals for the future of your smile. We specialize in treating the following conditions:

treatment for dental concerns in Strongsville Ohio

Do you have tooth decay?

Tooth decay or cavities can erode the integrity of your tooth structure and even impact gum health if left untreated. We place all types of dental fillings to address tooth decay and restore the strength and health of your teeth.

Do your gums bleed?

Bleeding gums is most likely the early warning sign of developing gum disease. We offer periodontal therapy to treat gum disease and help you avoid permanent damage to the teeth and the gums.

Are your teeth crooked?

Crooked teeth and malocclusion can have an impact beyond the aesthetics of your smile. Teeth that are crooked can be the cause of frequent cavities, gum disease and even bite problems. Dr. Butler works with patients on an individual basis to straighten smiles, boost your confidence, and improve dental health.

Do you have missing teeth?

Missing teeth can impact your confidence in your appearance and your ability to enjoy your best quality of life. A lost tooth, even just one, can cause a domino effect of dental health concerns over time, increasing the incidence of decay, gum disease and changes in the fit and structure of the bite.

Dr. Butler can replace your lost teeth with dental implants, dental bridges and dentures so that you can regain the ability to eat and speak more confidently and comfortably.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Dental anxiety is one of the leading causes of poor oral health in adults. Often the result of a previous bad experience in the dentist chair, dental anxiety prevents patients from receiving the dental care they need. If you suffer from dental anxiety, schedule an appointment with Dr. Butler to discuss your fears and learn more about our compassionate dentistry in Strongsville.

Do you have fine lines and wrinkles?

Dr. Butler is trained and certified in Botox┬« Cosmetic and can help you achieve a complete smile makeover or erase the signs of aging with experienced care. Patients benefit from Dr. Butler’s in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal structure of the face when placing injections. Touch up treatments can be completed when you visit with us twice a year, offering the convenience of one-stop care for the overall appearance of your smile.

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If you have concerns about the health and appearance of your smile, contact our Strongsville dental practice to schedule a visit with Dr. Butler. We welcome children and adults and accept new patients. Our office is convenient for many local communities including North Royalton, Brunswick, Berea and Middleburg Heights.

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