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When it comes to protecting your teeth, gums and even oral appliances during contact sports, a custom fit mouthguard can offer maximum comfort and protection. A family dentist in Strongsville, OH, Dr. Leah Butler offers custom sports mouthguards for children and adults.

A mouthguard can protect you or your child from tooth damage and even loss in the event of an accident or collision during contact sports or any other type of activity that could present a dental health risk.

Protect Your Dental Health

There are many over the counter options available when it comes to mouth protection. However, one that is customized to your unique bite and oral structure offers some important benefits to consider before making your choice.

  • Comfort: made to fit snugly over your teeth, a custom mouthguard is less bulky in the mouth and more comfortable overall.
  • Quality: custom options are made from the highest quality materials for shock-absorption and protection.
  • Stays in place: because it is made to fit your teeth and gums, a custom mouthguard can stay in place without jaw clenching. This has also been shown to allow for more of your on-field energy to be directed towards endurance and athletic performance.

Schedule A Mouthguard Fitting

Dr. Butler will need to take dental impressions for a custom mouthguard. To schedule a visit and order one for you or your child, contact our office at (440) 230-6748 or request an appointment online.