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Gum Disease Strongsville OH

Periodontal Therapy An Overview

Maintaining healthy and stable gums is essential for a lifetime of good oral and overall health. The gums serve two important functions for your health and wellness:

  • Supporting the teeth: gum tissues nurture and support tooth structure, keeping your bite stable.
  • A barrier for harmful bacteria: healthy gums keep harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream, reducing your risk for developing an inflammatory-related disease or exacerbating existing medical conditions.

At Butler Family Dentistry, our team emphasizes the importance of gum health and supports your role in maintaining good oral health through preventive dental care and hygiene advice. When you visit for routine dental care Dr. Butler screens for gum disease, looking for the early warning signs of gingivitis such as gums that bleed during treatment, red or swollen gums or the development of pockets along the tooth roots. Treating gum disease in the early stage can minimize or avoid damage and is often accomplished with conservative measures.

periodontal therapy in Strongsville Ohio
Stages of Gum Disease
Gum disease is progressive and often called a “silent disease” in the early stage where many patients are unaware of the signs or symptoms.

  • Gingivitis: early stage periodontal disease that is often characterized by bleeding gums, red gums, increased sensitivity and persistent bad breath.
  • Periodontitis: advanced gum disease can result in pronounced changes in oral health including shifting of teeth, changes in the bite or the fit of a denture and even tooth loss.

Periodontal Therapy What to Expect

Dr. Butler provides periodontal therapy that is tailored to the unique dental health and needs of the individual patient. Beginning with a thorough exam, Dr. Butler will diagnose the stage of disease and discuss any damage to the teeth or gums that needs to be addressed. Taking into consideration any medical conditions, prescribed medications or lifestyle habits that may be impacting your gum health is a part of diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment for gum disease can range from the use of an anti-bacterial rinse at home to oral surgery to address complex problems or damage. Dr. Butler will recommend appropriate treatment for you based on your exam, discussion and overall risk factors for chronic disease. The goal of periodontal therapy is to restore the health and stability of your gums and to prevent future infection through preventative measures.

Routine dental care can play a significant role in the prevention or early treatment of gum disease. If you have concerns about the health or condition of your gums it is important to schedule a visit with Dr. Butler. A comprehensive exam can diagnose any existing disease and a personalized treatment plan can help you improve your oral health. For patients with chronic periodontal disease or who may be at a greater risk for developing gum disease, we can work with you on an individual basis to meet your needs and keep your smile healthy between regular dental visits.