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Dental Bridges Strongsville, OH

Dental Bridges An Overview

If you are missing one or several consecutive teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap and restore function to your smile. Dr. Leah Butler places dental bridges and can work with you on an individual basis to evaluate your restorative dental needs and give you back a smile that looks great, feels natural and supports long term dental health.

Today’s dental bridges can be permanently secured, providing the most natural function and aesthetics. Using dental implants or healthy existing teeth, a permanent bridge will blend with your smile and allow you to eat and speak with confidence.

dental bridge for missing teeth in Strongsville Ohio
Why replace missing teeth?

Tooth replacement is essential to maintaining a healthy and stable smile. More importantly, prompt tooth replacement to avoid the onset of complex concerns.

When teeth are lost, a series of changes begin to occur. These changes will impact both your dental health and your appearance over time. For many patients, quality of life is also diminished as food choices become limited and the ability to speak clearly is impacted.

Tooth loss can increase the incidence of tooth damage or decay, periodontal disease and changes in the fit of the bite. As bone loss accelerates in the jaw area where teeth are now missing, the jaw can shrink inward and lend a more aged appearance.

Dental bridge or dental implant: what to consider.

Choosing the most suitable option for replacing one or more lost teeth should take into consideration several key factors:

  • Dental health: the condition of your smile will play a significant role in determining treatment options. Dr. Butler will educate you on the best option(s) for your unique needs after a thorough exam.
  • Cost of treatment: dental implants will be more costly up front in most cases, but can provide a more stable and secure long term result.
  • Stability of restoration: while both dental implants and permanent bridges can provide a stable and secure option, a dental implant also stabilizes the bone structure in your jaw. Bone loss can have a detrimental effect on your appearance over time.

Dental Bridges What to Expect

The process for placing a dental bridge will begin with a consultation and exam. Dr. Butler will take the time to evaluate all aspects of your dental health and to discuss your aesthetic goals. She will create a personal treatment plan and discuss what to expect along the way.

If dental implants are being placed, Dr. Butler will coordinate the initial surgical phase with a local oral surgeon. After the placement of the post, there is a healing period of several months to allow the titanium post to integrate with bone tissue for long term health and stability.

If existing teeth are being prepared to anchor the bridge, Dr. Butler will remove enough tooth structure to place a dental crown which will strengthen the tooth and support the “pontic” which replaces the missing tooth/teeth. The final step is the permanent placement of the restoration. Your new bridge is cemented into place and adjustments are made for a stable and comfortable fit.