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Dental Crowns An Overview

A dental crown can serve both restorative and cosmetic purposes in dentistry. It is one of the most widely recommended treatments used to address a range of concerns. Dr. Leah Butler places dental crowns to restore, enhance and stabilize your smile. A crown may be part of a restorative treatment plan or the only treatment needed to get you back to smiling comfortably again.

Dental crowns are commonly used for:

  • Tooth decay that is significant or in a larger tooth.
  • Tooth damage including broken teeth, chipped teeth and cracked teeth.
  • Restoring a dental implant.
  • Addressing cosmetic concerns such as tooth color and shape.
  • Strengthening a tooth after a root canal.

What are dental crowns made from?

A dental crown can be made from a variety of materials from composite resins to gold. Today’s crowns are durable, stain resistant and lasting due to the many advances in materials and their adhesive properties. Dr. Butler will discuss your needs and can work with you to place a custom crown suited to your needs.

Are dental crowns covered by dental insurance?

In many cases, a dental crown is covered at least in part by dental insurance benefits. Our office will work with you to determine your estimated portion of total treatment costs.

Do you repair broken dental crowns?

Yes, Dr. Butler can evaluate the condition of your broken or damaged dental crown and repair or replace it as needed. If you have a broken crown it is important to contact us immediately for advice on how to stabilize it and to schedule a visit.

Dental Crowns What to Expect

The process for placing a dental crown will require a couple of visits to our dental office in Strongsville. Dr. Butler will begin the procedure by preparing the tooth that will receive the new crown. This involves strategically removing tooth structure so the crown can fit over the tooth securely while taking care to preserve the integrity of the tooth and its root.

Once the tooth is prepared, dental impressions are taken for use in the creation of a custom fit and color matched crown. These instructions will be sent out to a dental lab where the crown is made to your specifications and then sent to our office. A temporary crown is often placed while you wait for the new one. When ready, we will schedule a visit for the final placement.

At the final visit, Dr. Butler will place the crown, make adjustments for fit and then permanently secure it to the tooth with special adhesive cement. The surface is polished for a natural appearance and smooth texture.

How do I care for a dental crown?
A good daily oral hygiene routine and regular visits to our office for dental exams and cleanings will support a long term result. You can brush and floss your crown as you would a natural tooth, carefully cleaning around all edges to keep bacteria from building up. During routine visits Dr. Butler and our team will monitor the condition of your crown to ensure it remains stable and secure.

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