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The Importance of Preventative Dental Care

improve your oral hygiene routine strongsville oh dentistYour dental health and your overall health are intrinsically intertwined. As your trusted dentist in Strongsville, OH, it’s important to our practice that we inform patients of why they should prioritize preventative care. If your thinking about skipping out on your next dental cleaning, here are a few good reasons to reconsider:

Your health is on the line.

Your mouth is an entryway into your digestive and respiratory systems. As a result, these internal systems can be compromised if your oral health is not in check. It’s important to remember that there are large amounts of bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth surfaces at all times. Limiting the number of bad bacteria in your mouth is one of the most important aspects of preventative care. As a professional dentist, Dr. Leah Butler can evaluate your smile and remove any plaque or tartar buildup before it gets the chance to cause major concerns. It’s important to remember that poor dental hygiene has been linked to major health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and fertility issues. To help patients avoid these consequences of bad oral health, our practice provides comprehensive general dentistry services.

Dental concerns only get worse over time.

While some minor health concerns may go away with time, dental concerns do not. Left untreated, dental concerns like cavities or gum disease can quickly progress into toothaches or tooth loss. The worst part is that most dental concerns do not show noticeable symptoms until they have progressed past the point of being able to be conservatively treated. During your preventative care appointment, Dr. Leah Butler will thoroughly evaluate your teeth, gums, and jawbone to ensure that there are no causes for concern. If there are issues, our team will come up with a plan on how to treat them in a timely manner before they develop further.

Preventative care saves time and money.

Probably the best benefit of preventative care is that it saves patients time and money. It’s important to fit in a preventative care appointment once every six months to ensure that you do not have to spend more time or money later on. If you have dental insurance. most preventative care is covered, while additional restorative procedures might not be. Additionally, some restorative procedures require much more time in the dental chair than standard dental cleanings. When you invest in preventative care, you are investing in your own wellbeing and helping reduce your own risks of needing extensive dental care down the road.

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