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3 Types of Tooth Pain

When it comes to dental health, tooth pain can be a real game-changer. Tooth pain can impact our daily lives, whether it's a sharp, shooting pain or a dull, persistent ache. Understanding the different types of tooth pain can help…


What Flossing Does for You

When it comes to oral health, most people think of brushing their teeth as the primary means of keeping their smiles bright and healthy. While brushing is undoubtedly crucial, there is another superhero in the fight against dental problems that…


How Your Teeth Can Cause Headaches

Did you know that your teeth could be the culprit behind your headaches? That's right! Your teeth and your headache could be related, and it's not uncommon for dental issues to cause headaches. If you have tried everything to control…


Why A Dentist for Botox

Botox has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure over the years, with millions of treatments performed each year in the United States alone. While many people associate Botox with wrinkle reduction, it also treats many other conditions, such as migraines,…


How Tobacco Affects Your Oral Health

Tobacco use, whether smoking or chewing, is a significant risk factor for poor oral health. In fact, the chemicals found in tobacco can cause various dental issues, from yellowing teeth to gum disease or tooth loss. If you smoke cigarettes…


Tooth Bonding for a New Smile

The beginning of a new year is a great time to establish new routines and habits. Many people choose to travel more or to change their eating habits. New Year’s resolutions are about creating a better version of yourself that…


Crooked Teeth and Oral Health

Crooked teeth are incredibly common among adults and children. There are numerous causes of crooked teeth, including genetics or dental trauma. Additionally, behaviors in childhood can affect the way permanent teeth develop. For example, thumb-sucking or using a pacifier can…


The Importance of Saliva

When you think of your oral health, you may consider your teeth or your gum health. Brushing and flossing your teeth may be high on your list of priorities. While this is true, other vital parts of your oral health…


Common Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen every day. We can only hope that we are ready when they occur. Fortunately, if you have a dental emergency, your dentist will be able to assist you. It may not be necessary for you to take a…


How to Treat Gum Disease

Red, irritated, bleeding gums, and tooth loss are all ranging symptoms of gum disease. Gum disease is a common condition that affects thousands each year. In fact, nearly half of all adults over the age of 30 have some form…