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The Benefits of Routine Dental Care

The health and condition of your teeth and gums are important for many reasons, including the enjoyment of good overall health and wellness. Dr. Butler and our dental care team are committed to providing the best possible patient experience and the highest standard of care in an effort to ensure that you can enjoy optimal dental health for a lifetime.

Routine Dental Care: What are the benefits?

Dr. Butler follows ADA guidelines when recommending that all patients visit with us twice a year for routine dental care. These visits allow us to get to know you, spot developing dental problems early, and offer personalized care and treatment recommendations. Treating tooth decay or gum disease in the early stages is far less invasive and can help to avoid permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

Maintaining the health of your gums is also a focus of our preventive dental care. Healthy gums are the support system for healthy and stable teeth. Gum disease can also put you at a greater risk for other illnesses and diseases because the barrier between harmful bacteria in the mouth and your bloodstream is compromised. We work with you to keep gum disease at bay and make personalized recommendations for anyone who is at an increased risk of developing periodontal disease.

Visiting twice a year means that we can develop a more in-depth understanding of your overall health, lifestyle habits, and other unique factors affecting your oral health. Our team believes in communication, education, and the value of a well-informed patient. Patients that visit regularly for general dental care enjoy better oral health, fewer problems, and their best quality of life each day.

Anxious about the dentist?

Dr. Butler welcomes patients that experience dental anxiety and takes a personal, caring approach to your care in our office. In many situations, taking the time to discuss your fears and learn more about each dental treatment can alleviate stress and improve your confidence in the dentist’s chair. Restoring the health and comfort of a smile impacted by a lack of dental care will give you back so much more than good oral health, improving your overall quality of life.