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Dental Care & Diabetes

If you are diabetic, taking care of your oral health is important for many reasons. A healthy smile will not only support your self-confidence but also your ability to manage the disease and minimize certain complications. Poor oral health has been shown to contribute to higher blood sugars and internal inflammation, both of which make it more difficult for prescribed medications to be effective. It also leads to tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral problems that will impact your quality of life over time. Dr. Butler provides personalized dental care and periodontal therapy in Strongsville and works with diabetic patients to keep their teeth and gums stable and healthy.

Diabetes & Oral Health: what to consider

Diabetes can impact the health of your smile in several ways. Our goal as a dental care team is to help you manage your condition and to keep the gums and teeth stable and healthy so that you can enjoy your best quality of life. This begins with personalized dental care and building a relationship with you so that we can understand your unique needs based on the severity of your disease, your oral health condition, and prescribed medications. Dr. Butler can work with you to identify changes in your oral health and provide the necessary care.

The effects that diabetes can have overtime on the body will impact your oral health. Changes in blood sugar, the impact on white blood cells, and the body’s ability to heal wounds also complicate gum disease and other oral concerns. Diabetes can increase your risk for a range of oral health concerns, including:

  • Dry mouth: it is common for diabetics to experience a decrease in saliva production which can lead to dry mouth. This can set the stage for periodontal disease and an increased risk for tooth decay.
  • Periodontal disease: diabetics can be at an increased risk for gum disease due to the condition of their health and prescribed medications. Dr. Butler works with diabetic patients to manage gum health and minimize risks.
  • Thrush: thrush is often the result of the ongoing use of antibiotics to fight slow-healing infections in advanced diabetes. High blood sugars in uncontrolled diabetes will also increase the incidence of thrush.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes we encourage you to visit with us and keep your oral health maintained. Dr. Butler is committed to helping you enjoy a healthy smile and to supporting you as you manage diabetes to minimize oral health complications.