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Common Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen every day. We can only hope that we are ready when they occur. Fortunately, if you have a dental emergency, your dentist will be able to assist you. It may not be necessary for you to take a trip to the emergency room for some situations. In fact, it could cost you valuable time in reversing the damage. 

For example, your dentist can replace a knocked out tooth if you get treatment within an hour. Barring any complications, they can reattach your tooth, meaning you don’t have to get a false tooth replacement. 

Here are more common dental emergencies that you may encounter. 

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Chipped Tooth

Chipping or breaking a tooth may be concerning. However, it may not always be an emergency. It depends on how much of your tooth has chipped away and how it was damaged. For example, imagine if a small portion of your tooth breaks off when you bite a hard candy. Perhaps you used your teeth to open a package. Assess the damage first. Small chips that are not traumatic can wait until you make an appointment with your dentist. They will be able to correct your chipped tooth with dental bonding. 

Although, there are circumstances when a chipped tooth is an emergency. For example, if you fall and strike your face on the ground or another object, it would be considered a traumatic dental injury. In this case, a chipped or broken tooth can be an emergency, especially if a large portion of your tooth breaks away. If you experience a traumatic dental injury, you should go to the dentist because there could be more damage than you realize.

What To Do

If you break a tooth, regardless of how, you should treat the broken piece as if it were a knocked out tooth. To preserve the chip as you make your way to the dentist, it needs to be in a safe, moist area. Placing the chip in a cup of milk can keep the portion of your tooth alive so that you can get to a dentist. If there are no complications, your dentist should be able to fix the chip in your tooth.


Cuts or lacerations can be alarming, especially in your mouth. It is essential that you seek medical attention for a severe cut to the gums or soft tissues in your mouth. There are countless bacteria that live in your mouth, so infections are likely with severe cuts. Unfortunately, infections pose the risk of spreading to other organ systems, including your brain, which is why quick treatment is vital. 

What To Do

The first step you should take is to try controlling the bleeding. Using a clean cloth or gauze, put pressure on the cut and hold it until you get to the dentist. If possible, do not remove the cloth, even want to check the bleeding. You could remove the clot that formed to slow or stop the bleeding. Given the severity to the cut, you may need stitches.